September 3, 2016

Through my online class I have learned much, but I need to improve more on story structure. There are some things I write that some of it doesn’t make sense. It is a work-in-progress. I am on the right track. All I need is practice.

These past two days hasn’t rained. It was raining heavy here for the past two weeks. It is gone now.

I love Britney Spear’s music, but I only love her old music and the early 10’s. Her old music I feel that it is original and pure. The reason I love it is because it feels more entertaining.

What I am doing right now is thinking how to write better. I am looking for something to inspire me to write more short stories. In case of novel-wise, I will practice more to know how to write a novel. I have enough time, and think to this point that I shouldn’t waste it.

I look back in my life, and love my present life then the past one. I forgot all of the negatives that have happened to me, and never return it back in memory. It is much better living in the present.

I see how most movies exaggerate life, and that is how real life is. I think our lives are much different from the movies.

My craft of writing makes sense, but want to show it complete. Right now It isn’t. I am not ready yet to make a novel, until I feel that I am ready for it. Only time will tell. But, I never give up. I keep on going. I believe in myself.

I listen to songs as: Make It Happen by Mariah Carey, Anyway and Ride by Martina McBride (Both her songs) to boost my writing. I get inspired by things that come to me. I try to find my muse. Mostly I listen to Make It Happen everyday to believe in myself. But, I can believe in me without these songs. I still listen to them anyway.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be kind, be safe, respect people and their interests, don’t be jealous of anyone, and most importantly, behave! 🙂 ❤



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