Comic Figureheads: Black Panther

Meet the Black Panther! Awesome!

J.J Comics

0110-600x5661 T’Challa as the Black Panther. Shown here as the Black Panther in Marvel’s Captain America – Civil War

With the recent release of Marvel’s third Captain America film franchise installment titled ‘Civil War’, many fans were delighted to see the motion picture debut of Black Panther. One of the slickest looking heroes to date, Black Panther has a rich and varied backstory that cements his place within the foundations of the Marvel universe.

His story begins in the secret remote island nation of Wakanda, recognised as one of the most technologically advanced locations on the planet and the birthplace of vibranium. Vibranium is known widely as an invaluable metal than can withstand extreme force without faulting and is famously the metal that Captain America’s shield is constructed of.

It is also worth noting that the title of the Black Panther is one that is earned and passed through the royal families…

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