August 6, 2016

I am a happy, calm, and relaxed person. These days I have been doing exercise and lifting weights. I know that I am a prolific writer, but sometimes I make mistakes on its craft. I am still learning. You can see in some of my posts that I have misspelled some words. A half hour later, I correct it. I still need to practice writing.

Writing is the hardest task anyone can do and make. One thing that I do is when I feel pressure I tame it, and let it cool down. I check where the mistakes are. One thing for now on I will be doing is to check mistakes on the screen, which I sometimes don’t do.

It is very easy to think that you’ve got no mistakes and then, in the post some mistakes are shown in the internet. You can’t make mistakes once you’ve finished writing your book, and publish it at that instant. It takes time. For most writers it takes a year, or years to finish one. This is why in anything you post, or publish there can’t be any mistakes when your audience is reading it.

This is one reason I am studying grammar, because it is difficult. What I am doing is to learn the difficult and not the easy work. I am learning it slowly. Most of the stuff is very difficult for me. I am not talking about the basics, what I am talking about is the big stuff grammar. Most people don’t know grammar, and is one of the most hardest to learn.

I am lucky enough to realize that I know where my mind is at. My mind is with words. I mean the kinds of words such as verbs, adjective, complement, consonants, definite and indefinite articles, and so forth. Sometimes I remember them, but then I easily forget. I understand the basics of grammar, but want to know and understand its whole picture.

I was watching the summer Olympics today, and loved it when the U.S. women’s national soccer won against France. I loved the opening ceremonies.

I have decided to take two more grammar classes to learn it, and through these months not in those classes I will study grammar at home. I will make a full effort to study writing and grammar.

So, far I am at the right place.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be kind, don’t be jealous of anyone, respect people and their interests, be nice, be caring, and most importantly, behave! ❤ 🙂


10 thoughts on “August 6, 2016

  1. Hello, raulconde001. I am also a blogger like you (albeit an amateur and just 16 years old) and I would not like to sound arrogant or conceited, but I would like to suggest you to read as many novels as you can lay your hands on to get a better grasp of grammar and develop your vocabulary. You write well regardless and I would love to read more of your posts.

  2. You CAN make mistakes. It is admirable to aim for perfection, but don’t forget, even successful, published authors have editors.
    Strive to be the best, but don’t be too hard on yourself!

  3. I have been writing for a living all of my life, and I still make mistakes. I typically type my blog posts in word first and try to catch things. Mistakes happen, that’s what makes us human! Write from the heart and the brain will take care of the rest! 🙂

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