The Dream Is Real, Harris Stone!

Harris Stone’s life is working at the movie rental store, and then staying at home with his parents. He is working now at the movie rental store.

“I hope that you both like the movie. It’s funny!” Harris said

His couple customers have just rented the 80’s movie Twins.

“You’re sure about that?” She asked

“Of course! I saw it. Had a few cracks of laughs from it.” Harris replied

“But, is it real funny?” She asked again

“A million laughs!” Harris replied

The couple laughed along with him and then drove on home.

“Nice way of keeping the customers happy, Harris!” Alicia, his employer friend said

“It always works!” he said

Alicia gave him a friendly smile.

Once he stopped working for today he drove home to his parents. He soon arrived at his parent’s home and decided to take a nap at his room. He is dreaming that he is a professional tennis player to win the title.

It was the men’s singles championship final at Wimbledon in London England, Untied Kingdom. He is close to beating his opponent. This is his last set of the match to put him away.

Harris knows this is only a dream. He finally wins the Wimbledon title. He decided to wake up, but soon realized this isn’t a dream anymore. It’s real. His reality.

Is this really happening he thought. He closed his eyes to check and opens them, but still at the same place. He is still at Wimbledon. He knows now that he is for real a professional tennis player and did happen to win one of his major championships. It was no joke at all.

He talks to the reporter about his recent match and how he felt about it. He told them that he feels happy that he won it. Might as well for him to throw and hit the tennis balls to the fans for them to have. It isn’t a dream at all he thought. His dream came true. It was just replaced his old one to this one.


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