July 12, 2016

Through the this day I was watching NBATV. I was seeing the analysis of every team heading to the next season. I think the Miami Heat will be a playoff team, but it will start rebuilding again, they will have to begin again as the same of next year.


I have heard that Tim Duncan has retired from playing basketball with the San Antonio Spurs. This is a well coached team. I don’t see any time of them slowing down. I think that this team doesn’t tinker at all. They are good every coming season. But, the problem is that Tony Parker is 35 years old, and he might retire years later.

I was walking outside with my parents around a mile all through the neighborhood. I only saw birds flying.

Movies here are a big deal. We want most movies to be very good. We don’t want it to suck. One thing is that they made Star Wars like a tradition. I mean a Stars Wars movie will come every once a year. I feel excited about it.

I am not very good at acting, and don’t want to pursue it. I write very well. Sometimes I forget about what some of the writing material means, then I go back to the lessons to learn it. Most writers know all about the craft of writing. You have to know that I took two online writing classes each year.

I have tons of documents to read. I know my writing stuff. I am still trying to get familiar with it. It is not as easy as it looks. I don’t hear audiobooks ever. I don’t like the sound of it. When I have heard one it was hard to imagine what the storyteller is taking me. I think reading a book is more fun, because now you know where the author is taking you. You follow the main character, and you feel like you’re the narrator of the book.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be safe, Be kind, be friendly, respect people and their interests, most importantly behave! ❤ 🙂



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