Portugal: The New Euro 2016 Tournament Champions!

Through the grueling and hard-fought games of the 2016 Euro Cup, a victor was crowned today. I am happy that Portugal has won its first major tournament. This is the beginning for them. Hopefully in the future they will win a World Cup title, but that is a long road. Right now I will cherish this moment. I think that Portugal deserves to be champions now! Cristiano Ronaldo deserves it more, because back when he was nineteen years old he lost the chance for a championship, but now he has it. This team is neat and decent. They are fun to watch. If I will see the next Men’s World Cup I will go for this team. This was a real fun Euro tournament to watch, and in my opinion by far the best one. Portugal is now the new 2016 Euro Champs! I am proud of them!


5 thoughts on “Portugal: The New Euro 2016 Tournament Champions!

  1. I’m happy for Cristiano Ronaldo – he finally wins a major tournament with Portugal, even though he has a bunch of accolades with Real Madrid and Manchester United.

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