A Surprise Visit From The Alien Visitors

The E.T.’s are coming on a pit stop to planet Earth. They decided to land on U.S. soil. The U.S. satellites warn the white House in Washington, D.C., of an alien invasion.

The U.S. president reacts by preparing the military army groups to defend their soil in case of the E.T.’s attack on the world.

The aliens land on Earth, but they only bring their musical instruments. Anyway, the people aren’t that dumb that they won’t be  attacked by them. They just do nothing in stunned fashion, but only stand there shelshocked when to be ready to defend themselves.

The troops are prepared, and the people are ready for the aliens’ response.

The aliens perform a musical concert for the people of America. They start singing songs from Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Bruno Mars, Green Day, Will Smith, U2, and many others.

They were performing songs like, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, She’s always A Woman To Me, Childhood, Beat it, Grenade, When I Was Your Man, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and many others. The Americans were having fun, and their fears of an Alien Invasion vanished by pure enjoyment of the Aliens’ Concert Musical Performances.

The military armies and its people thought that the E.T.’s didn’t want to attack Earth, but only to entertain them.

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