The Five Hundred Year Old Man

Dear family,

My name is Grover Fields. I am 500 years old. I was here when there were Indians before America was built, and my Indian friends had to leave by force. America is younger than me. I have met Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, and many other artists. They are so surprised that I got so many real life stories to tell them. I helped the Indians survive when the American Frontier was built. I saw the very first railroad train crossings and have been in a train. I can’t live any longer, but it seems that my aging won’t stop. I was in the crowd watching The Beatles play on The Ed Sullivan Show. I hanged out with Marilyn Monroe. Me and Michael Jackson were cracking up jokes to each other. There are so many tales I need to tell you. I will stop right now, because my stories will be more than 300 pages long. I hope to be in Heaven pretty soon, but it looks like I won’t be granted that wish very soon.

Sincerely Yours,


Grover Fields


4 thoughts on “The Five Hundred Year Old Man

  1. I bet Grover has a lot of interesting stories having lived so long!
    I really appreciate your follow of my blog and look forward to getting to know you better. wish you well 🙂

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