Darren Martin’s Body, And Flesh Burning Into Ashes

Darren Martin gets ready to go out to the mall in Los Angeles, California. Once he is there he goes inside the shopping mall, while there he starts staring at sexy women’s bodies. He goes up to them and touches them maliciously. He gets punched in the face by them, and their boyfriends beat him up.

Hours later, he starts laughing and mocking at people when they go inside and out of the stores. They get angry at him. The customers tell on him to the police. The police guards see him and give him warnings, he doesn’t pay attention to them, and does the opposite.

They arrest him and take him to their police car. When he gets escorted out of the mall by police his flesh, skin, and bones burn all of a sudden turning into ashes without any reason. Soon his ashes are blown out from the wind outside the parking lot. The ashes disappear. People applaud, because they couldn’t stand Darren.

The police were shocked and stunned of what they’ve witnessed. Now they don’t have anyone to arrest and take to prison. The bizarre happening is that Darren got erased from existence. Now everyone who’ve seen what just happened now know that he is gone. This was Darren’s punishment for touching women’s private parts, staring at women maliciously, laughing, and mocking at the shopping mall customers.


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