April 29, 2016

Tomorrow is the end of April. This month has gone fast.

I am watching The Americans. I love the show. It is exciting and interesting.

I walked today with my dad in the morning. I got to see my neighbors and animals. It is a beautiful day today. I always feel good that I am outside of my home. I didn’t see any cats when I was out.

I am studying my former writing course, and am still doing the exercises. It really helps a lot. I think that I am getting the hang of it.

I did errands this day.

What I am thinking is that science should not be ignored. There are much stuff you can learn from it. I don’t know if political people like science, but I do. I believe that this world might be heading on the right path.

J. K. Rowling will publish her 8th Harry Potter book, and I think she already has. I thought that that series was over for now, but I was wrong. It will still go on. For me I think that is too many books in a series to continue it, but she can do whatever she wants. I love her other series, which is the books of The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Casual Vacancy, Career is Evil, and etc.

I see that the literary world is busy all the time. There is not any minute where the business doesn’t ever take a rest. It likes living in New York, New York where the city never sleeps. I have thought of that until today. Once you wake up once a day there’s like 15 books that have been released. Well, I am happy that this is happening. This is why we are in the literary business. No complaints here! I am happy!

The theories of astronomers are different, and some could make the mistakes of how they see space. Even in science they could make the little mistakes in theories that will cost them. It is how it is shaped in the world of science theories. It is complex.

Well, I will be writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be safe, be kind to each other, respect one another, and behave! ❤ 🙂

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