April 4, 2016

Through my days I have been going to do errands. I will keep on learning how to drive again. I haven’t had the opportunity because it was raining, and didn’t have too much time to. Now I do.

My class is doing fine. My instructor has no problem with me at all. I cooperate fully, and am learning about writing. My mind is much brighter and now understand almost full of the writing. I think we will be stuck with that 15% of what we don’t know about it. There will be more new things to learn about of the craft of writing.

I am here at home talking with my parents. We get along fine. We have a healthy relationship with each other. I love doing errands around the house. I am washing my clothes, storing things inside my home, and always blow the leaves in the backyard. It gives me a refreshment feeling of joy, because I always want to be helpful to my family, and friends. I love my life, and never ever do I think of the past. I stay in the present. I am focused and enjoy the present.

I think my home is awesome. Everything that I love the most about my home is the people that really care about me. I care about them so much. I hope to get my own home once I finish classes and have a career as a professional novelist. It is a great feeling to have the optimism back.

First, at the most I will be writing my debut novel, but I am sworn to secrecy.

We are halfway of this year. Time flied fast. I think this year will gone real fast that we won’t even feel it. The most important thing I have is that I do things needed at the house, I keep on writing, and posting articles. There are most of my memoirs at my WordPress website here. I think in fact most of you have read them. I am glad that it makes you happy reading them. The most important job for me as a writer is to make my fans happy when they read my stuff.

Well, I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember be safe, be kind to others, be fair, Respect people, and behave! ❤ 🙂


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