March 15, 2016

All the years march on real fast and yet we don’t feel them. This year is the same. I didn’t even feel it passing by. We are at the half of 2016. There is still time left to do errands in and out of the home. I feel like we are near 2017 all of a sudden. Most people can feel it pretty soon, even if it is far away.

Right now I was watching Criminal Minds. I am on season 6 now. I am also watching season 4 of House of Cards. Right now I am finishing the novel The Chase. Tomorrow I will study hard and work hard in my class. I wish the best for myself. I haven’t seen any movies yet. I am thinking about writing something in mind, but don’t know what.

It is very easy to be depressed and it is also very easy to do bad things unto others that don’t mean any harm. I am glad I am not one of those persons. I stay away from all that.

I listen to pop music to help me relax. I get to think about the writing material.

I am still watching my Miami teams win and love those teams from Miami, Fl. They are exciting to watch. I don’t like it when they lose. It is a very bad feeling, and everyone knows that. But, I take it as just a game win or lose I just enjoy it.

I was reading writing reference books and it is helping me much to gain knowledge and skills of it. I don’t feel intermediate anymore, but almost advanced writing. I am in the beginnings of advanced writing, which isn’t necessarily yet professional, at least not yet. I have yet still some of the insecurities of writing novels. I haven’t mastered it yet. I will in the further future.

I am enjoying the weather here in my city of Miami. I am happy.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! ❤ 😉



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