The Writer Walks In Blank Pages

Dear diary,

Hello, my name is Avan Peters. I was just deciding to write a fiction novel, but don’t have any ideas to be inspired by. I walk the streets trying to find a story and plot, but to no avail. Suddenly, my mind transports me to blank pages. I feel strange and puzzled of where the place and its people have gone. The world is a complete blank page again. I touch the ground and it felt like paper. Am I walking on it and is it safe to walk on it? I keep walking straight, but nothing yet changes. Maybe, this might be because I have no idea for my novel. I have written novels before, and am a Best-Selling author. I keep walking when I get inspired once the place comes back and its people also, but only little parts of images of it. I think of this as a game someone is playing with me. Now at this instant my mind goes blank and so does the reality of the world. It’s a complete blank page again. I fight it, fight it, and fight it. Why isn’t it working? I came so close. I keep thinking of a story and plot, but it goes to a blank page again with nothing around in sight. Once I knew what story and plot to think about it came back to me. Everything was back to normal. There are streets, people driving, they are walking on the sidewalks, crossing streets, and so on. You get the picture. If I tell any of my friends about this situation that happened to me they won’t believe me. They would think I’m crazy in going insane. Well, I kept it to myself. A year later after that incident I finished writing my novel and published it. A few months after its premiere, it became a New York Times Best-Seller. My novel was called Fighting With Freak wizards and Vampires. I made up an inspiration story to tell the host interviewee how I came up with this new novel. I won’t tell anyone the real truth to anyone.

Yours Sincerely,


Avan Peters


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