January 4, 2016

I went out to do some errands with my dad. I sealed all the architectural plans. I finished the architecture work at my dad’s computer. I didn’t wen’t out walking because I’ve had a bad back. I am curing it and feel much better. It will be by the next few days I will be going out. I went out though, even if my back hurt. I am somehow getting to be fine today.

I saw a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Red Oaks, and Criminal Minds. They’re all good shows.

I was reading the book The God Particle. It is pretty complicated, but am getting to it. For me it takes little by little bits of understanding cosmology. It is not yet soaked in my mind fully. I love astronomy, though.

It got to night right away. I didn’t even feel it. I have felt that it is mostly day. I am not ready to do a novel yet, but this is fine with me, because I know I will do it like seven or eight years later.

I wonder why this first Friday felt like a Sunday. I think most of you have felt that in the very first day of 2016. The year already started, but it soon will end quickly. Once we get entertained things go by fast, and when we’re learning subjects things go slowly. I prefer in my online classes to go things slow, because I can work with this much better. I get better prepared, and it is great for the mind.

I can’t wait to walk around my neighborhood again. It has been four or five days since I haven’t. I am happy that the pain is away from my back. I just feel the stiffness. I will be fine.

I wonder how many writers become professional writers in a year. It must be by the thousands, or maybe even more. The number is scary, and shocking. You’ll see a huge number. I don’t concern myself with that, but it’s good to know. Just something that doesn’t really matter.

I am interested seeing that new movie once it comes out called Dr. Strange. I have never seen a super hero like that one before. It will be an interesting movie. Most of us don’t know if it will be successful. It depends on the fans when they see it.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, friends! Be safe! ❤ 🙂


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