December 27, 2015

I was watching Making A Murderer. It is interesting about the case of Steve A. Avery. He got arrested at 26 years old for murder. He is spending time in jail for almost most of his life. The sentence I think it is 35 years in prison. His parents believe him that he is innocent. But, the people of the town think he is a murderer. The case I think is still active.

I was reading ‘Salem’s Lot. I like this novel a lot. I love Stephen King novels. My favorite novel is “It”. My favorite movie of him is Pet Sematery.

Staying at home sometimes and doing things entertaining is most of the time a fine idea. Mostly everyday is better to get out of the house. In this way you can go out with your friends and have fun.

Star Wars is much better then the movie The Hateful Eight. I have seen both movies and still think that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is much better.

One new novelist that Debuted a few years back is Mary Kubica. She wrote the novel called The Good Girl. I have heard pretty good reviews from her novels. she got a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in American literature in the Miami University, in Oxford,Ohio. She is brand new.

There are much new novelist. This is perfect for me to breakout in my new debut novel. But, it will take me years to finish writing classes. Anyway, I am real close to being a professional writer. I am very patient though. It doesn’t bother me at all that I am not one just yet, and still mastering it. A novel might take a year to write, maybe shorter, or may take more years to finish. You never know. You just have to be patient and hope that everything goes out successful. But, the full belief of believing success in the novel has definitely got to be there. It’s a no-brainer.

I have faith, patience, and hope in myself that I will get it done. There is no need to rush, and have pressure from it. It’s manageable.

The life of a writer is never an easy road. It takes lots of practice and patience to become a professional writer. A very good novelist takes great dedication of hard work from it.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, friends! Be safe! 😉 ❤



December 26, 2015

Christmas for me is very special. I enjoy it with my family, and only with nice friends. I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and thought of it as an awesome and cool movie. I give it a thumbs up!

Right now I am just staying at home enjoying reading and watching TV. The next day I will be exercising and lifting weights. I have watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I like watching about doctors on how they try to save lives. It is mostly about Meredith Grey and how she is going to end up in her life.

sometimes I like when the house is peaceful. It makes me think. I collect my thoughts. I think of my family most of the time.

I always believe that Satan does really exist and he punishes the jerks who have been acting as bad people for what they truly are. My peace is with God and Heaven. I never was a jerk and never will be. I am always the nice person, and God thanks me for that, and Jesus Christ, too.

I am watching a series called Making A Murderer. These episodes are true stories of evil criminals gone bad. It shows of how the world is in real life. I am seeing about the real life criminal Steve A. Avery. His life is bizarre and almost has stayed out of jail. I think it is at his thirties when he got arrested. The family has always claimed his innocence, but the people disagree. They believe that he is a murderer. It will be interesting when I watch the whole episode and each episode is about another criminal.

I forget about the old movies and don’t see them anymore. I just think by watching them a few times and just once is enough.

I am still watching Criminal Minds. I am trying to see what other shows to watch. There is catastrophe, which looks decent to see. I am trying to see what shows to watch, besides crime shows. Maybe, I might try watching something dramatic like the one I am seeing Grey’s Anatomy.

I am not in classes just yet, and will be in March of next year. The year of 2015 has flown quickly. 2016 is coming in a few days.

A few years ago, I have seen the preaching of Joel Osteen on TV. He gives positive feedback to us to live with God, and be optimistic about ourselves.

I love hearing about God and Heaven. The positive preaching is what I like the most from Joel Osteen. God just wants us to talk in normal conversation, and not to try to be mean without all the stupid hysterical laughing and the mean jokes. I think just by enjoying life and staying true to your Holy Spirit is what counts all the time.

I love reading about astronomy, and I take it very seriously. I love reading about the atoms, and general relativity, and am trying to understand it.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, friends! Be safe! 🙂 ❤



A Roman Surprise. . . . . .

See pictures of a beautiful time in Rome, Italy.



Let me take you back to the Roman Christmas my family had. David had taken students to spend the fall semester in Rome and the children and I were to fly over and meet him for Christmas.  The apartment he had that time was spacious and elegant, but rather noisy as it was high over a busy intersection.  Those of you who have visited Rome, know there is an endless shrieking  siren sound , day and night.

David had bought a lovely live tree and put a garden of poinsettias under it. There was lots of candy from the Piazza Navona Christmas market. As we walked around the city getting reacquainted with memorable places from past visits, we noticed next to no decorations, no lights of the trees or over the streets,  no wreaths etc.  Not a one of the many Christmas displays so prevalent in the United States. (This…

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