What Christmas and the New Year Means to Me

I always get excited of Christmas and New Year. I love gifts, but the most important gathering I love is the company of family. Family is always there for you. I feel the presence of second chances in life, and starting brand new in the New Year. A welcome of promises that should be kept. I get crazy happy over gifts, but I do love family and friends the most. My first priority is still family. I think that friends come and go. Maybe, some might come back, but it is better not to hope for it. Christmas is the time of Jesus Christ. He brought us this wonderful time. A time of giving. A time of welcoming people we isolated for years. It is a special place where we talk about life, whether it is happy or simply crazy. A time of love and care. Our hearts will always be with God. Try to enjoy what Jesus has brought us, for it is freedom and equality all around the world. Share you holidays with family and friends. Be nice and forgiving. Love and respect each other. Be happy, because it won’t last for long. Enjoy this precious time, while we still have it. Be safe! ❤ 🙂


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