December 4, 2015

Like always I walked a mile today. I get to see squirrels and egrets. It is fun walking around the neighborhood saluting my neighbors.

I am a bit more confident driving a car on the wheel. I am still practicing. I am getting the hang of it. I still feel a little insecure in my driving. I am better then I was before. What I need work on is parking the car. I think I am almost getting comfy on the wheel. It is a learning process.

I don’t see much TV. The only thing I see on TV is sports games of my home teams. I see TV-streaming only if I want to see shows, documentaries, and movies. My favorite show out of Comcast streaming is Blind Spot. My favorite show out of Netflix is Criminal Minds. I haven’t seen astronomy shows, but will catch-up on it.

I will be busy this year and the up-coming years. There are still a lot of work I need to do. I also need to complete 5 more online classes, and the last three is about learning how to publish.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, friends! Be safe! 🙂 ❤

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