Don’t Be Slave To Your Negatives’ pasts

There are some people who reflect on the bad past, and think that they are worthless. This is a wrong kind of thinking. Some of you can’t live like this. I think remembering the negative’s past is like hurting your holy spirit. Instead remember the good times, and don’t feel slaved to your bad pasts. Live life like your proud of yourself. Be happy and positive. Stay true to yourself. The thing you can do is try to read self-help books that will help you be optimistic. Whatever you’ve done wrong, and want to be a good person again. You can still be a good person. Try to feel good. Find something positive in your life today that can help you put yourself back on your feet. Be peaceful. Be friendly to all people, and including yourself. Don’t be somebody you’re not. Be positive and reflect on your positive past, think for today, and stop living in the past.


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