November 12, 2015

We are almost nearing 2016. I have had huge success this year on WordPress then the last two ones. This year has been productive.

I will be busy with online writing classes. I need to complete 5 more courses. I need only five left.

I was reading The God Particle and am learning a lot from the cosmos. In fact I will be reading more books about the subject. The God Particle is the Higgs Boson. It is for example the supporting cast of a movie of an atom. It’s more complicated then that.

I have sealed the plans for dad. I have worked on the computer of architecture plans.

I was thinking of going to Best Buy to see electronics on Saturday. My favorite technology are the car stereos. I am so fascinated by them. They are completely much different from the 90’s car stereos. I also want to look at the GPS navigational systems. The computer is so innovative. Every stuff they have there is so innovative.

Stephen King has two sons whom write horror novels. Well, exactly one of his sons is a professional who his name is Joe Hill and is having a successful career. The other son of his will be graduating and have a career as a horror novelist also in his own right.

I love words and writings of literature. When I find a book to read it takes me to another adventure where I never went before.

I am learning still about the science of cats and dogs. Dogs are my favorite animals, but not to own them. when I go outside to see dogs I pet them and sometimes give them hugs to let them know that I care for them. They are so friendly. They are our protectors.

I will not remove the novel The Godfather because I want to keep as part of my collection. That is the only novel of Mario Puzo that I love. I love watching about cops, criminals, and crime.

Alright! I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure friends! 🙂


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