November 3, 2015

I saw a squirrel going up a tree. He was holding a chestnut he is going to eat. On the other side of my neighborhood were a bunch of blue jays flying around going inside the bush branches of a tree. I was walking a different route around the neighborhood. I see all kinds of animals. Funny thing was I haven’t seen any big dogs, only small ones.

I have read the Vampire Diaries novel today and am almost finished, and I will be on to the next novel of the vampire diaries series. When I was reading about Pope Francis and the Vatican Church it was interesting to learn how the church is always busy, and how they organize it. I find it fascinating. I love his theory of peace and harmony.

However, I am reading several books.

There haven’t been any kind of hurricane this year in Miami, FL. It is great to have a year without hurricanes. Well, hurricane season is almost over. There was no need to stay indoors at all. Most of us can go out and have fun. I think I understand how the lightning can create sprites above the clouds in space.

I will wait until the next mid-year to attend online writing classes. right now I am taking a break from them.

Okay, I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Until the next post adventure, friends! 🙂


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