October 16, 2015

I was watching two episodes of Hell On Wheels. I loved both of them. Very good episodes.

I have walked a mile with my dad today.

Right now I am at home reading. I was thinking of studying writing today. I am halfway through Jackie Smith’s novel After Death. I love this novel, because it is different from the other Cemetery Tours novels, before this one. Another different situation, but with the same characters.

I have heard that the last Hunger Games movie will appear at theaters next month. I have read the whole series from Suzanne Collins. They are very good reads. I don’t have any idea of how the ending will show up in the last movie. Maybe it will be changed, or they will keep the ending from the novel Mockingjay. They can do it however they want. Yet, if they do change it. I don’t know if the ending will be successful. Well, I’ll find out when it comes.

Yesterday I was reading The God Particle. It is interesting.

In the morning the day was awful, and then afterwards in the afternoon it turned beautiful. I saw three squirrels running to the trees as they went up. After that they went to the neighbor’s front yard. They look so beautiful. I think they are baby squirrels.

I was listening to Drake’s music. He is a hip-hop singer. I like his music. Yesterday I was listening to Elvis Presley radio.

Okay, I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Till next post, friends! 🙂


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