October 15, 2015

Today I have walked a mile. It feels so great going outside. I could smell nature, which is beautiful. My online class has finished a few days ago. I know more about writing then I did before.

Today I was seeing the last episode of Hand of God. I sometimes see Ted Talks of writing. A few weeks ago, I saw an editor, and have heard his speech. One thing I noticed is that he rejects most of the query letters. He only accepts about 5, or 6. He thinks that all of the stories are boring. I think coming from his point of view I understand how he feels. But, on my view as a writer is an unfair injustice to other writers.

I read a few John Grisham novels and they are boring as well. But, I find them interesting. He made his novels successful. I think some boring writers will have successful futures. I don’t think that most shouldn’t be left out. Well, I am lucky that I did successful in my online writing classes. Writing wasn’t real easy for me, and it was much difficult. I am still learning. I am a senior in class of writing. I am almost turning pro.

What I wanted to do from Ted Talks is hear about writing from an author’s point of view and editor’s point of view. Now I want to see from a publisher’s point of view. However, I hear Ted Talks writing to learn the craft of writing.

The funny thing is that I am learning about lawyering. When I see Suits I didn’t realize I would learn about the laws and how the lawyers handle trial cases right before they start, and afterwards. I am grasping from real life. Lawyers are writers, and doctors are writers.

Anything that has to do with writers we’re writers. But, one thing is that real authors are real writers. Strange as it is. It is built this way.

One important thing is that I took that much being mad, and that hatred out of me. It wasn’t easy. It was difficult. Through these years I had to change who I was before, and be who I am now. It was a hard process, but yet very easy to do. I guess the emotions take out on the best of us. These several years I didn’t get mad and stopped hating certain things. Now I like sports, celebrities, movies, books, and shows. The process was challenging. I think it took for over 9 or ten years to make the nice person I am today. These past seven years I have been nice to everyone, and now I love being the nice caring person.

I haven’t done anything wrong, but I felt that I needed to erase that anger and hatred towards everything. I won’t ever go back to that dark place.

I am almost finished with Hell on Wheels. I am on season 3, and then will be on season 4. What I am doing is studying. I don’t find the Civil War boring, but find it educational and interesting. It is good to find your roots to see what has changed for good, and try to do good deeds.

Writing for me is like a third language. I am trying to master it. It is still difficult, but am understanding it better. The most important thing is that I am patient on everything. There’s all types of writers.


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