Don’t Get Depression For Your Entire Life

Most of us are trying to solve our problems. We can’t hate each other, because of pasts personal reason. There is one reason that God showed us to forgive nice people for what has gone wrong in the pasts. We can’t let the past get to us. I think the more you hate certain people the more depression you’re going to have. It is for a fact. You can tell me if I’m right or wrong, but it is a fact. We should be happy for solving our problems, and not going to war with each other. Don’t let depression run your entire life by hating others. Hating is poison. You give fear to some people who didn’t mean to do it. Let most of us solve our problems with each other. We can’t live like this, but if you want it’s your loss, and not ours. It is that simple. God gives second chances to all of us. I think you should do the same for most of us. Don’t live a lie by pretending that you hate some certain nice people. This is another poison. If you give in to the devil, then you let him to carry that poison, which you think it feels great. This is a false truth of seeing poison as not, and seeing it as another good thing, which isn’t poison. Well, if you want to do it, be my guest. We’re not stopping you. For those who want to live life by giving other people second chances, then you have brought God to your life, and happiness shines on you once again forever. Be happy and be good to each other. Don’t start any wars and battles with anybody. Most of our pasts are forgotten. So is mine’s and yours. Take a chance for light to guide you towards good faith and wisdom.


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