After Formatting, After Editing, After Death

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A Platform of Sorts

Tomorrow is the day. Ā The next book in theĀ Cemetery ToursĀ series,Ā After Death, will be available! Ā To share a little secret with you, the Kindle eBook was available last night, but then I was told that thereā€™d been a technical error with the file and I had to take it down.

Cue every authorā€™s nightmare.

Any other day, if you asked me if there was anything I didnā€™t love about what I do, the answer would be no. Ā But there are moments, like last night and half of today, when the self-doubt and unforeseen glitches start getting the better of me. Ā This is a fun business and I love it so much and I love my books and characters, but the act of publishing itself can be very stressful. Ā Thereā€™s already pressure on authors to write books that people want to read, but formatting and making them lookā€¦

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