My Favorite Movie Was…

My favorite movie was in my twenties was Gone With The Wind. I love that movie. Rhett Butler was a confederate sympathizer. The love connection between Scarlet and Rhett was pretty weird. But, yet I was fascinated by the uniforms of the union and the confederate uniforms. I have seen the whole movie. It is very sad. You can see how the Civil War was way back then.

They made a sequel to this movie. I don’t think the new sequel will do any good to this best original back in 1939. I just think the Gone With The Wind movie and books is much better, then its sequel movie and novel. It is original, which won’t be replaced. Back, then fans fell in love with the novel and movie in the late 30’s and early 40’s.

I just loved Scarlett O’Hara trying to win back her man, but failed at the very end. She was pretty. The novelist Margaret Mitchell wrote this only novel, which was her only best hit. It was a great novel at this time, and still is. I give the movie four stars, because it was very well acted out.


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