September 26, 2015

Yesterday it made sense of some of the things when I repeated watching The Fabric of the Cosmos. It all made sense to me. Yet, Quantum mechanics is very bizarre and tricky to understand. It isn’t solved yet, and will take a 100 years later to do so.

I am trying to make sense of that string theory, eternal inflation, and dark energy are what stands quantum mechanics. At least, I think. I am still trying to make sense of it. I may have gotten dark energy wrong on parts of it.

I understand space. Space is strange. Space is a strange thing. Are we alone? Theoretically Yes, and no. You could say that no person or animal is around then yes you are alone. But, scientifically speaking no you are not alone, because space is what accompanies you.

Niels Bohr has fought Einstein on Quantum mechanics. They both disagree on each other. Albert Einstein has once said to Niels that “God does not play dice”. A quote which has made it controversial. On the other hand Einstein has died in 1955 trying to solve the solution to figuring out Quantum Mechanics. Both Niels Bohr, and Albert Einstein didn’t have the right formula. So, they both lost.

It still doesn’t make sense. Another theory is of a multiverse. We don’t know yet if it exist. Or if there are other multiverses like a few magazines ago shown on Astronomy magazine. We can’t say that it exist, or it doesn’t, because we don’t have the right mathematical facts.

In order to understand science and have evidence of it. We need to make mathematical formulas. For example like they did of the physics of light. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand yet all of this, but am trying my best to.

I have went to Best Buy today. I loved watching the electronics. My own dream is having a car stereo with Sirious XM radio in the car. Somehow, I will get my own car. But, need to save money for that dream to come true.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off! See you next post, friends! 🙂

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