The Day Pope Francis Arrived In Cuba

I love and respect pope Francis. He is a loving human being. He is a nice and honest person. I saw him arriving on a plane that landed in Cuba. In Tuesday he will be here in the U.S.A. I love everything that he stands for.

We all want peace and freedom to do whatever it is we want. I haven’t met the pope, but if I do I’m sure we’ll have a peaceful happy welcome meeting. I like the Vatican church. I have been there. It is so huge. I am fascinated by the artwork, and I can confess to my sins. It was a great pleasure watching the pope this Saturday, and can’t wait to see him this Tuesday, or whichever day he is coming to America.

I love peace and freedom. I respect all countries. Before I loved also the pope John Paul II and still do. I will always remember his peaceful advises to us, and the loving words he gave to us. It is the same thing with this pope. I have always loved Rome, Italy, and the Vatican church.

I am honored that he came to Cuba, and will honor him when he comes here in America. Pray always. Love each other of any race. Be friendly. Respect people on every place. All of us will always have peace and freedom in God’s Kingdom. We are his children, and always will be.


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