Live Your Life (…And Don’t Go for Revenge)

However, you have lost against a bully in any way, and you are now living your life happy. Don’t look for vengeance of solving of what you’ve lost. I know some of you have lost against bullies in a fight against their words, or simply fighting against each other. Don’t go back to them, and try to be the hero. What you have gained, they already lost. It is as simple as that. Live your life with your friends, and family. Going back for revenge can cost you dearly. Let’s say you want to settle the score against a bully, you have won your revenge, but your girlfriend has witnessed the whole incident. Do you think that she’ll be happy for you? No! She will dump you, and would think that you have turned to their level. Don’t settle the score. Live your life. I think by getting revenge is the worst thing you could ever do. You hurt yourself emotionally, even though you still have friends. You will lose someone you love. Forget about the bullies who have bothered you in the past, and let it go. Be happy, positive, and optimistic. Do the smart thing. Enjoy your life. Don’t settle any of the negative problems you’ve had with someone from your past. Be happy. Bad pasts are supposed to be forgotten. Begin a new life, and erase the old one by letting it  go.


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