September 15, 2015

Today I was resting my bad back. I feel better, but am not fine yet. My back feels stiff, but the worse in the morning is over.

I have watched the movie Southpaw. It was a great movie. I haven’t seen a boxing movies ever since I saw The fighter several years ago.

This week I will do my last two lessons. I have learned a lot of how to write fantasy. I have come a long way through ever since I was writing in 2009. I wrote way before, but it was horrible writing. My writing now makes sense. Before as a kid it didn’t. It made sense like four years ago. I will pick up on studying grammar.

I have watched the Miami Dolphins win last week. They are improving. I hope the best for them, and hope in the later future that they will once again win Super Bowl titles when they are competitive. They will. I know it.

My class is almost finished. When I am done with it I will take a vacation here in Miami, but will restudy the course.

I have watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds. I love that show, but will also still watch Suits. Of course another show I still need to watch is Narcos in Netflix.

I was thinking of the time I was interested in astronomy way before I picked up on reading about crime. I know that Stephen Hawking believes that aliens are dangerous, but I think of the opposite. I really think there won’t be any attacks on us by those aliens he talks about. Some much has been written about the subject. I think that they don’t want to have anything to do with us anymore. It’s that plain simple.

I think the Terminator series is not taken seriously here in America. I think in overseas foreign countries is a huge hit. In fact the movie Terminator Genisys has made more money overseas, then here in the U.S.

My parents are impressed of the grammar that I know so much. But, it is only a bit I have learned. I need to learn more. It takes several years to master it. I am thankful that I have taken a grammar course. I have finished successfully a long time ago. The one thing I do is just try to remember the simple words to pay attention to them. I think grammar isn’t scary. I think it is fun.


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