September 11, 2015

Today I have gone to my dad’s client meeting. I was in the car reading a book. I sealed the architecture plans. I have worked in the computer of architecture plans.

Today I have studied in my online class. I have done fine. I am learning much, and now seem to get the hang of it. These writing classes are difficult, but am used to it. It seems like I am getting most of the answers correct. I am doing excellent.

I have done finished reading Black List by Brad Thor. Now I am reading ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. It is interesting and different from the other novel I have just read. I am also reading writing reference books. I will somehow pick on studying my grammar book. The reason I haven’t picked up on it is because I was so into my online class. Now I really can study it.

I was reading a magazine about cats and dogs. It is interesting and fascinating. It talks how they are human to most of us. It tells of why they both are our family. It explains of what kind of persons some people are from different kinds of animals pet owners own. It is a beautiful book.

I was watching the first season of the seventh episode of Criminal Minds. It interests me of police and criminals of how both sides are very smart. One is bad (criminals), while the other is a force of good (cops). I am also watching Becoming Human.

I was listening to Pitbull’s new album. I listened to easy 93.1 yesterday night. I sometimes relax to smooth jazz: piano on accuradio in the afternoons. It relaxes me, while I don’t listen to hip-hop, R&B, and rap for a while. Right now I am listening to the sounds of quietness.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off. Till, than friends! 🙂

2 thoughts on “September 11, 2015

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