September 7, 2015

I have much theories about aliens and they are similar. I have written many posts about them. Each post is different from the other. Most people believe that they don’t exists. Some people do believe they do exist. One way or another if we believe they do exists, then we’re considered nuts, and have to have psychology therapy. I think each one believes what they want, if it doesn’t get out of hand. You can’t take pictures of aliens on Earth, because they will never come here, and don’t convince people that they exists. You’re not going to change their minds, and it’s already made up. Do this. Just believe and don’t say that you’ve seen aliens, and you have proof, because you’re convincing no one. Just keep it to yourself, and have a regular normal life. It’s as simple as that. Just having a belief of it is enough, if you want.

I have seen Paradise Lost. In that true story movie two kids have killed three eight year olds. Their family believes they didn’t kill them, but the victims’ family think they did. It was interesting of the trial that they had. They described the whole case. At the end both got life imprisonment. In this case justice was served.

Today I was reading a novel of espionage. I am almost finished.

My favorite animals are dogs. I love parakeets, also. I see parakeets on trees. They are happy. They look beautiful. I don’t see squirrels anymore once I walk a mile outside. I guess they’re not in the season of going to those trees yet. I see dogs, however.

Christmas is almost going to be here. I think the holidays are great and special. I love holidays. My favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the unity of family. It is a great day to love each other.

There are so many movies I want to see. I have seen much episodes of Suits. I love that show. I am also watching the show Hand of God. I also love that series. It’s interesting to watch mystery shows. The whodunit situations interest me.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off. Goodbye, my good friends! Take care! 🙂 ❤


One thought on “September 7, 2015

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