My Day today On September 2, 2015

I have had a very good day today, and am in good spirits. I have not paid any attention to foods and drinks. I ate only breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I haven’t eaten snacks today, which I won’t ever do everyday. I have maintained myself by not being hungry. It is a good start to this week, and further on.

Right now I was in class and did fine. I have read the New York Times newspaper today.

There is going to be another UFC fight this Saturday on pay-per-view, but am not interested. The one series I am interested is the documentaries about the UFC fighters. That is going to be cool! I am watching fights on Fox Sports now. These athletes take their full effort to win championships and it’s not easy as some people may think. I have watched a documentary about a fighter who has won four rings, and he was ready to fight another one. He was getting prepared for it. I forgot what his name was.

I have watched two episodes of Hitler and the Nazis. I found it interesting. Hitler was very smart in instigating a WWII. I saw how the socialist democrats came to power in Germany during the 30’s, and early 40’s. Adolf Hitler tricked most countries of Europe that he was representing peace, but did the opposite. He took peace away from them.

I was also watching the show Narcos on Netflix. I only watched the first episode, but will watch the whole series. Pablo Escobar was one of the most notorious Narcs in the history of Colombia. He had all the power as a drug lord criminal.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off. Till the next post, friends! 🙂


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