July 27, 2015

I have finished seeing The Fabric of the Cosmos, and yesterday I have began to watch it again to the first episode again. I want the cosmos for me to make sense. The ideas and information are all blurry for me. I know some of the stuff, but want to understand it all.

The movies I want to watch is Southpaw and Trainwreck, which I’ve heard those are pretty good films. But, until they come on DVD.

I have walked a mile around the neighborhood with my dad today. I will lift weights and do abdominals later this day. I am suddenly used to doing exercise and actually do love it.

I was reading Mr. Mercedes yesterday and today. I am liking Stephen King’s novel. I want to read Paper Towns by John Green. I have read the book The Craft for research. I am getting the grasp of the writing craft, which isn’t real easy to do. I seem to grab it quickly, but have much to learn from it.

I love Taylor Swift’s new album, and it is the best of hers I’ve heard so far. A sad day yesterday in the news that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobby Christina Brown has died at age 22. My condolences to her family and friends. She is at peace with her mom and God in Heaven. No one yet knows the cause of her death and is under investigation at this time. R.I.P., Bobbie Christina Brown

I keep thinking of what else I should write, but end up with nothing. I think by starting thinking of nothing we come up to the idea of writing something. This works some of the time. I am organizing my mind on writing this week. I was thinking of practicing my grammar. It isn’t all that perfect. Grammar is the toughest subject to conquer, but it’s doable.

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