Darryl went into the Haunted House

Darryl was riding his bicycle when he approached a haunted house. There were big steps to climb and it looked like a home where Norman Bates is living in. He walked the stairs outside and then stood in front of the door. He knocked three times, and someone answered.

Count Dracula opened the door. As of yet Darryl thought that Dracula was out to bite him hungry for blood.

“Come in! I won’t bite!” Dracula said

Darryl came in and saw all the monsters and freaks whom were shown on the theaters. There was Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Pennywise the clown, Jack Torrance, and Chucky from the film Child’s Play. He thought that it was a trick. He was thinking that they are out to kill him and eat him for lunch.

Chucky invited Darryl for lunch. Once they sat down in the terrifying home they will eat a normal meal.

“What’s the matter?” said Freddy

“I don’t know! You tell me! Aren’t you all out to kill me?” Darryl asked

“No! No! No, silly boy!” they all said

Soon all the monsters were laughing.

“Is this Norman’s home?” Darryl asked

“Yes it is! You want to meet him?” asked Jack Torrance

“No! He’s a mama’s boy! He might kill me, too!” Darryl responded

“No! Wrong again!” said Frankenstein

“Come out Norman Bates!” said Freddy Krueger

Norman Bates made his mother’s voice as if he is coming out for five seconds. He came out.

“Hi, young boy. What is your name?” Norman Bates asked

“Darryl!” the boy said

“Hi Darryl! Don’t worry! No one is out to kill you. We are here as friends. It’s our new motto now to be friends with our victims, and rid of our evilness!” Norman said

“Oh! Okay!” Darryl responded as he gave a huge sigh of relief.

When they were done eating he struck conversations with the monsters and freaks. He had a great time. After done eating he shook hands with them, told them his goodbyes, and rode his bicycle back home to his parents. He is happy that he is in his own home.

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