Cassie is in Heaven talking to Jesus Christ

Cassie Banks has watched the end of the world between good vs. evil on planet Earth. So far, none has won. Heaven thinks that good has won over evil. Cassie is now living in Heaven from the global war she has died on planet Earth. The planet is now deserted with no living things in sight. Right now she is talking with Jesus Christ through God in him in Heaven.

Cassie: The war was terrible and am glad I am out of it.

Jesus, Yes, I know. Most people just don’t get how peaceful the world can be, if they cooperate with each other.

Cassie: So far, the world doesn’t understand that yet. It understands violence and revenge only.

Jesus: Me and my father didn’t want this to happen. You are one of the few who understood us both, the world and the togetherness we wanted to bring for humanity.

Cassie: You prove a point. Most people want peace, but we never got it. It looks like most men brought up violence and revenge upon us for no reasons.

Jesus: I think that they made a big deal out of nothing.

Cassie: So, I was one of the few who understood what we needed to do on planet Earth?

Jesus: You’re correct! I didn’t want war for any of you people. My father has created civilization to get along with people and animals, but not to start a global war.

Cassie; You know what? I wanted to help people and wanted peace for all of us.

Jesus: Yes, but now good has triumphed over evil. You are in a better place now.

Cassie: You are so kind and forgiving. The half of the population weren’t like that once I was on planet Earth.

Jesus: I think that most men and women brought evil on Earth, Innocent people never deserved violence upon them.

Cassie: It’s over now. We can be at peace with each other.

Jesus: I’m glad we had this talk and am glad that you are here, finally at peace.

Jesus Christ brought Cassie with other innocent people and she interacted with them. Heaven is the only place for innocent people to be at peace at last.


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