Is There Anything that Makes You Happy?

When you are not happy with anything you blames things that happened before, or stuff that you don’t have. If you have tried everything to make yourself happy, then I don’t know what else will. You have to go through many entertaining things to enjoy. You lose the enjoyment of what makes you satisfied. You are left with nothing for your soul to feel good about. I know it is hard to find that something. I went through many things and I haven’t enjoyed half of the entertainment that was out there. Right now I enjoy the entertainment. This is difficult for the entertainers to solve this problem. It depends on you what to pick up on. Find at least something to enjoy, even if it is songs you listen to. It could even be a novel you always wanted to read. Those who don’t enjoy anything it is a shame they are left out. By making yourself happy your soul thanks you. Most of us don’t have this problem, and sometimes we are faced by some nice people who don’t know what to enjoy. This makes a difficult task for us. I think we need to take our time, and see what happens. It sure could get boring and someday those people will enjoy some entertainment. They will thank you for being patient on them. This is the most hardest task to do is by finding people’s joy in others, but most of us have to do it.

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