This Year was Great!

This year has been a great year for me. I have improved so much on my writing. I am looking through the mistakes I still make right now. I know that I still am a work-in-progress. I am not looking for perfection, just beautiful storytelling. What I am doing now is walking around the neighborhood with my Dad, and lifting weights and doing abdominal exercises. This is still a work-in-progress also. I hope the next year will be brighter than this old one. I have no regrets of this old year. It has been great. I am seeing my life much improved. My writing class is going very well. I am getting more experience. Thanks for all my families and friends. They have been here for me through all my life, and still are. I have finished watching The Wire, and loved it better than S.O.A. It has satisfied to my standards. I didn’t see a sad ending, but a solving conclusion. James McNulty got what he deserved at the end. Now I am watching Veronica Mars, and Justified. Though I won’t see the final season until I finish watching the all the seasons from before. I think I have time. The only problem is that Amazon Prime is charging for the fifth season of Justified. Someday that season will be available without paying for it. I understand writing now. I can respond to it better. I am trying not to go to fast food restaurants much, so I could avoid being fat. I still need to get rid of my gut. I am watching Ancient Aliens. I love watching the show Inside: Amy Schumer. It is so funny. You have to watch it. Most of the episodes are hilariously funny. I go out with Dad most of the time, but still talk to my friends at restaurants, stores, and pharmacies. Somehow, I will have friends to go out with. I know I will, because I am confident of it. I think that failure is an illness that I can overcome. I skip the failure and rise above it. I want to see the movie The Theory of Everything. I really want to see and experience how Stephen Hawking’s life was like before. It looks like a beautiful movie. I can’t wait for it to be on DVD. Right now I am reading reference books. I have made a promise to myself not to buy books for five months, and lose weight for a year. I will finish the ones I have. I have so many. I am a bookworm, and book addict. I will overcome this compulsive buying. The books that I have are enough as it is. But, this was a great year so far. I hope the next will be much better!

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