A Positive Week For Me! !Yay!

I have rose positive and happy this week. I walk everyday with my Dad in the mornings. My week has been most productive. I am reading the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I am going to be busy from December 10 of this year to most of the half of next year. I will put post available for my fans. I will be taking two writing classes from this year and the following next year. However, you can come and chat in my blog when you want. The good news!!! I have reached the most likes for one day. A record for me on WordPress. I am still watching The Wire, and True Blood. I love those shows. I am reading through the former class I took before during this month. I am watching sports on cable, which is the only thing I watch on it. What I watch the most of the time is Amazon Prime. The only show I see on Netflix is Bones. I still watch astronomy shows, but this time on Amazon. I write almost everyday. I think to myself there isn’t one day which I haven’t written. I am right. So, far my life will be busy, but the blog will still be open. You are welcome anytime you want. May God Bless you all!!! Have a happy and positive Christmas and New Year to all of you!!!

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