Read Brand New Novels, Not Very Old Ones

What got you thinking of reading the novel “The Grapes of Wrath” right just when you finished graduating high school? No, read new ones! You have the rights of being spoiled in entertainment of novels coming out soon. Don’t read books like Gone With The Wind. Read something like The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Nick series, or the I Am Number Four… series. Something like that. You can even read horror novels from writers like Stephen King. Look for new things to watch, and new music to listen to. When you’re young in your twenties you need to live a lot. I think it is the best solutions to read new novels, and not very old ones. If you read like Hard Times by Charles Dickens, and you’re a writer, then I’ll say I don’t blame you for it. Discover new authors, and read exciting new novels that might turn into movies in some years. My advice to you all is to enjoy the present, and not the past. This is you era, and you’re not in your parents’ era.

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