Love People, Simple Things, and Stop The Hate

I think loving people is great. The reason I am saying is because we are wonderful people. But, for those people who hate some decent people, and things is the worse thing you could have. Accepting people for who they are is better. We shouldn’t judge and hate people, because of their bad pasts. Don’t hate certain people, teams, and only hate the evil things that exist in this world. Nice, and caring people is love, and acceptance. I think for some who have changed they shouldn’t be judged for being goofy before. This sometimes is a world with some people who want perfection, and it shouldn’t be this way. We can’t change how some people think, and do. But, we can love people for who they are. You will be surprised of how many people care for you. We have our own set of thinking, and we should respect that. Most of us want to start anew again, and some people don’t give us that chance. I don’t know why, and we should ask them to connect with them. Try to make them reconsider to be your friend. Watch the news to be informed, and see sports games to be entertained, but don’t hate any teams. You shouldn’t bother the sports fans of any kind, because they haven’t done anything to you. It goes the same with other people, don’t hate good people, because of their decisions. Hate the people who are evil. Stop joking around telling mean jokes to people, and try to have a normal conversation. It’s alright to dislike some teams, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some of you get carried away by hating us, teams, cities, and we want to know why. The people who hate live terrible lives. Give love to people for those who want to be in need, and not for those who hate. We are kind, caring, and forgiving people. All of us should give a helping hand, and be accepted by our good personalities. we shouldn’t be judged by our appearances. Give love to all kinds of nice people, but don’t hate the simple things they go for. Try to change for good, and honesty. Love, and peace to you all.


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