Take Life Easy, If It’s Hard On You

Life was and is hard for all of us. I think through these times we need to see the other bright side towards it. Not everything is going to stay the same. I know now some of you don’t have a social life yet, and it is real hard on some of you. The only thing to do is just enjoy life for what it is. Let me say this: It gets better the upcoming days, years, months, and weeks. One problem we used to do is act like jerks, which we’re not in real life. This is the only reason we don’t have social lives. But, thinking about the positives helps much. You have a new set of life to depend on. Trust on yourself that you will get things done on having a career, and friends. We all have it rough, but we can enjoy life with families. Try to enjoy life, and your friends will come back to you. There is hope on the horizon of all walks of life. Hope and pray to God that life will be brighter once again. Be yourself.

Andy’s Letter To His Alien Friend

Dear Alien Troy,

I know that many people want to examine you here on planet Earth, but I think it is best you stay on your home planet. I know the military is not going to be sentimental with you and your friends. They want to examine you all, give amnesia, and take out your body parts for further study. I am glad we have had a nice conversation where we won’t be seen by people. I love how you talk about your planet of being honest and sincere of you aliens between respecting each other, including us humans. Troy, I think your spaceship is awesome, and thank you for taking me inside showing me everything there. I’m now your friend, and a friend to your  alien friends. The only thing is that the spaceship makes way too much noise when it lands. I am glad you haven’t been seen. There are many speculations about your species here. They  have no idea if your kind are friendly to us, and they want to know. They want to know everything. I mean all the information, and every details of your home planet, species, etc. I care about you and your alien friends. I know you and your friends care for me, but don’t let this come out in public. I know what they are capable of doing things to you all. Once we said our goodbyes, and I saw you took off on the UFO I’ve decided to send you this letter by space-mail. Always remember me, and I will always remember you all. I won’t forget this experience.

Sincerely yours,

Andy Starr

Losing My Lost Feelings Forever

Alright, now I know what being lost is, and it wasn’t easy to overcome it. It took me years of realizing what I needed to change in order to make people likes me for who I am. One thing I have learned is not to hate the wrong people, and not get angry with anybody. The second is that never go against my friends, and families who care about me. The third one is that never turn away from the people that love me. The last one is never disrespect anything or anyone, and don’t make fun of people again. These were the things I had to figure out in order to realize that I was never a jerk. I was just lost. Now I know what good is, and means. In the past several years I have had to change my habits, and attitudes towards being friendly to people. The negativity I have had to take out, and the arguing with people for no reason too. A person who is lost is someone who goes against the people they care about him/her the most. It could last for like 15 or 17 years, maybe less for anyone who is lost. These years have been completely different, even though I have gotten angry with my favorite teams losing games I didn’t let it out in public. The past current years I have gotten angry for some days, but during those times I have had to change my feelings of being positive, accepting realities, and realize that there are people who want to help me. It wasn’t real easy for me, because I have had to fight my own demons, but have come now as the friendliest person you can hang around with. The only thing I am trying to do is now not complain about the losing games, and not worry about things like magazines or any stuff not coming in the mail for me. Through this time my attitude is now of a friendly, and caring person who cares about families, friends, and good people.

No One Is Bothering You

If you think that some people are treating you bad, then you’re wrong. People just want to be happy. Take celebrities for example some may live bizarre lives, but they aren’t bothering anyone. One advice I would recommend you is to enjoy celebrities’ entertainment like for example loving their music, and leave their personal lives alone. No one is bothering you. Average people mind their own business of doing what they have to do, and they enjoy entertainment. Don’t jump to conclusions on anything. I listen to hip-hop, rap, R&B, and pop, and I don’t make a big deal about it. I think the smart thing to do is to just go on with your business. Sports is the same thing to just enjoy it, and not take it personal. If you go for a favorite them, then good, but just enjoy watching them play. If they win good for you, or if they lose, then it’s nothing personal. Not everyone is the same, and you have to let people have their fun; however they want to do it, even if it is strange. Whomever they may be, and good or bad. Those people are having fun with their lives. One example is that I enjoy watching Miami teams play in sports in the state of Florida, and I don’t take it personal. I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan, as well as a huge Florida Gators fan, and it’s nothing personal. People have their own lives to live just as we do. When you go out don’t start jumping to conclusions that everyone, or one person is bothering you. Instead, enjoy life by going out with friends, or families. People have the same feelings just as you and I do. Period. Have fun the safe way, not the dangerous way. Concentrate on doing your job of what you need to do. Don’t get into any trouble with anyone of any type, or you’ll pay for it.

What I Am Reading

These past few weeks I am more into reading astronomy. The hardcover book I have started to read is The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brain Greene. I know it is a controversial book, but I decided to pick up on it. The other one I am reading that has nothing to do with astronomy is The Godfather by Mario Puzo for the second time. In the astronomy book I am learning tons of stuff for example The Theory of Relativity, the unsolved Unified Theory, etc. It’s interesting to read. Some people think it’s boring, but once you pick up on it it gets to be fun. I suggest if you’re an astronomy lover like I am start reading astronomy books. It’s educational, and it gives your brain knowledge. The Godfather novel I am reading now I have a clear picture of all of the events that occur in it. I have several astronomy books in my kindle I am reading. I am trying to make sense of all astronomy, because it’s very hard to understand in one day. You have to keep reading it everyday, and apply it in your mind. I am reading The Unobservable Universe in my kindle. So, I read novels in print, and also the astronomy books on the kindle fire. I also read writing reference books in the kindle fire device, also.

Mickey Rooney (1920-2014)

Mickey Rooney was an American actor, and entertainer. He had one of the most longest careers in cinematic history. Films, television, and stage appearances spanned almost of his entire life. He was a superstar as a teenager for films played as Andy Hardy. He was active in films, and television over 87 years. His last appearance was in a leading role as Henry Daley in the Family Channel’s The Adventures of the Black Stallion for a younger generation of fans. He was married 8 times. He served in the United States Army in 1944, and finished after the end of world war II. On April 6, 2014, he died in Los Angeles, California at the age of 93.

Enjoy The Summer!!!

Have fun of this summer year and go out to enjoy yourself. There are many things to be entertained about. Me I enjoy listening to hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rap. You don’t have to like the things I like. Always my favorite food is Chinese food. I could pick some handful of stuff to enjoy like reading novels, bios, and history books. The novel I always love to read over and over is The Godfather. In fact I am reading it now a second time, and still love it. There is Captain America: Winter Soldier you can watch, which is out in theaters now. I can’t wait till that movie comes out on DVD, so I could see it. My favorite superhero right now is Captain America. Again be happy, and stop moping around. I mean to some of you, because it’s wasting time, and you gain nothing by it. There is the beach where you can relax, see people playing in the water, and surfing. Most people are enjoying the things they like. Talk with friends about shows, movies, novels, etc. You can even talk to them about life. My favorite movie is Freedom Writers, because it has inspired me to be a writer. This is a movie I enjoy watching, because it’s educational. You probably love to watch, and read drama. Outside in my neighborhood I strike conversations with my neighbors. I am social everywhere I go. The best medicine to feel better is to enjoy the summer for what it is offering you right now of entertainment. Stay safe. 

Staying Positive All The Time

I know it is hard for some of you staying happy and positive. You feel like the world has crumbled down, and you can’t overcome your pasts’ problems. In order to be happy forget about the bad pasts, and remember the good ones. The negativity does affect you if you let it. God has always said that everyone is equal. We should love ourselves for who we are. If you feel down in the dumps, and is trying to pick up the pieces try reading a self-help book or buy one. The one that has always helped me the most is “The Secret”, but you need to do what it says. Any kind of self-help book can be useful overcoming from depression. It’s always important to stay positive all the time. We aren’t getting any younger. Maybe Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s books will uplift your spirits. Lift up your spirit, if you don’t, then you’ll always be remembered as the person who was never happy. Remember being happy is the best medicine. Stay true to yourself, and treat yourself better. Love. Peace. Freedom. 🙂

About Nirvana

Nirvana was an American rock group that played grunge, and alternative rock music. The group was formed by 2 musicians Kurt Cobain (singer/guitarist), and Krist Novoselic (bassist). Dave Grol (drummer) joined the band in 1990. The bad was formed in 1987, in Aberdeen, Washington. They have made 3 albums, and have popularized alternative rock. Nirvana’s biggest selling album was Nevermind, which includes their first successful hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Their final album “In Utero” didn’t match figure sales to their second album “Nevermind”, but was a commercial success in 1993. Sadly the group’s brief run ended following the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994. One time in 1992 their album Nevermind became number 1 on the Billboards album charts, beating out Michael Jackson’s album “Dangerous”, which took number 2 respectively. In 2014 Nirvana will be inducted on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  

Carter Klay Playing Sports With Aliens

My name is Carter Klay. I’ve many friends that are aliens, and I play sports with them. I know their sports now and they know mine. It’s funny how their sports are, but the same thing as to our sports also. I mean they love American sports. As I love alien sports. Martians have their own sports and I traveled from Earth to Mars to play their sports. And let me tell you playing in their league is a lot of fun. I’ve made friends with the aliens (even though I’m human and was born from Earth). They love football, basketball, soccer,and baseball. They even played Australian football. Also, African Rugby. Boy when I played with them the other humans laughed at me, because they couldn’t believe I was playing sports with them. Their alien sports will be adopted on planet Earth as a thank you from being friendly, and humble to us humans. I’ve traveled in many planets and believe me I’ve learned to love their sports from many planets like Saturn for example. I don’t believe that aliens need something to look onto, but that’s sports they are onto. Thank you aliens for giving us your sports and us giving you our sports that we both species adopted from each other. One reminder: Remember us and call us if you want help from us humans. I’ve had a great time and loved sharing my time with you all!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :):):):)

These memories will last forever!!!!:):):):):):):):):):)

From your friend: Carter Klay