Andy’s Letter To His Alien Friend

Dear Alien Troy,

I know that many people want to examine you here on planet Earth, but I think it is best you stay on your home planet. I know the military is not going to be sentimental with you and your friends. They want to examine you all, give amnesia, and take out your body parts for further study. I am glad we have had a nice conversation where we won’t be seen by people. I love how you talk about your planet of being honest and sincere of you aliens between respecting each other, including us humans. Troy, I think your spaceship is awesome, and thank you for taking me inside showing me everything there. I’m now your friend, and a friend to your  alien friends. The only thing is that the spaceship makes way too much noise when it lands. I am glad you haven’t been seen. There are many speculations about your species here. They  have no idea if your kind are friendly to us, and they want to know. They want to know everything. I mean all the information, and every details of your home planet, species, etc. I care about you and your alien friends. I know you and your friends care for me, but don’t let this come out in public. I know what they are capable of doing things to you all. Once we said our goodbyes, and I saw you took off on the UFO I’ve decided to send you this letter by space-mail. Always remember me, and I will always remember you all. I won’t forget this experience.

Sincerely yours,

Andy Starr

2 thoughts on “Andy’s Letter To His Alien Friend

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