Do Good Deeds To Good People, Not Bad Ones

We are all caught in ourselves by being greedy on everything, and not helping others. If there are people helping you out, help them back. Show showmanship, and be a good role model. Nobody likes a person who doesn’t give back to good people. Most people love to do good deeds to nice decent people. Many people care for innocent people who are in tough situations. A friend helping out a friend is always best. You’ll feel much better when you give favors to good people, as when they are passed on to you. I am not saying to give up, and fail. But, everybody has a competitive side in them, as you do. If you see someone who is nice, and doesn’t have any friends, be his or her friend. It doesn’t hurt, and you’re not obligated to anything. You still can be competitive. Your friends do you favors, and you do them favors back helps your ego. Do the good deeds, and help out, as the good deeds will pass on to you, but don’t do any favors to the people who don’t deserve it. Help out your friends, and families.

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