God Cares

God cares about your success and failures. He wants you to do the right thing. He doesn’t want you to be tempted to temptation. You have to be friendly to families, and friends. Make the right and healthy decisions. Choose Jesus Christ as your savior. Always believe in God, for it is a sin not to. Think for yourself, and he will help you throughout your failures and successes. Be happy for the little things and big things in life. You should be grateful for your family who cares for you, not things given to you. Sharing money isn’t caring. Caring for your family is caring. Read the bible, and you will understand that everyone is equal. Decide to be the nice and good deeds person. Always strive for the best in you not anyone else. Always be proud of your achievements, family’s, and friends’ success. Give your kids your full support and make them secure of their lives. God is watching all of us to do the right things. God isn’t only on the outside, but inside our minds of how we think. He makes sure we do the right things, and care for people who are good. If you need help he will send an angel, and family members as ghosts who will help you. Enjoy life, and the most basic thing is to always get used to talk about life. It is the most basic thing. Whatever your decisions of a career do it the right way, not the negative way. Think of  your life for it is always first in line. May God Bless You. God Bless America, and all the countries, too. Love. peace. God cares about your life. Love and care for yourself.

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