A Batman Show On The Fox Channel

The Fox broadcast channel has got the rights to the Batman franchise from DC comics. There is going to be a Batman show with real live actors on the Fox channel. All the Batman characters are going to be played young in the show. It will show how Batman began to be the caped crusader, and how his villains originated in Gotham City. I don’t know if this is similar to the year 1 & 2’s, etc. old Batman comic books of the 80’s, but it will be a fun action show. The Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Two-face, and Penguin are also going to be young. The Gotham police will be in it as well. I am so excited to see this show, and so are most fans. It will be interesting of how the whole saga began. We all know from The Dark Knight how Batman got his name, and what he had to go through against his villains. We get to see his early biography of everything we’ve been questioning from long ago of his beginnings and the villains’ as well in the Batman show. When I watch this show I just hope it is redacted and told very well. There is no margin for error this time when the show begins, because it is the most beloved franchise. I think in my view this will be a great show. Also, don’t forget to see the new movie Batman vs. Superman coming soon to theaters near you. This also might be a great movie.  

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