Losing My Lost Feelings Forever

Alright, now I know what being lost is, and it wasn’t easy to overcome it. It took me years of realizing what I needed to change in order to make people likes me for who I am. One thing I have learned is not to hate the wrong people, and not get angry with anybody. The second is that never go against my friends, and families who care about me. The third one is that never turn away from the people that love me. The last one is never disrespect anything or anyone, and don’t make fun of people again. These were the things I had to figure out in order to realize that I was never a jerk. I was just lost. Now I know what good is, and means. In the past several years I have had to change my habits, and attitudes towards being friendly to people. The negativity I have had to take out, and the arguing with people for no reason too. A person who is lost is someone who goes against the people they care about him/her the most. It could last for like 15 or 17 years, maybe less for anyone who is lost. These years have been completely different, even though I have gotten angry with my favorite teams losing games I didn’t let it out in public. The past current years I have gotten angry for some days, but during those times I have had to change my feelings of being positive, accepting realities, and realize that there are people who want to help me. It wasn’t real easy for me, because I have had to fight my own demons, but have come now as the friendliest person you can hang around with. The only thing I am trying to do is now not complain about the losing games, and not worry about things like magazines or any stuff not coming in the mail for me. Through this time my attitude is now of a friendly, and caring person who cares about families, friends, and good people.

Believe Anything You Want About Aliens

If you want to believe that aliens don’t exist, then do so. Nobody is stopping you. If you want to believe they do exist, then do it. It’s your choice, but they’ll be skeptics who don’t believe. Most people don’t care about this subject. I think in my opinion it should be left alone, and for the authorities to handle it. Sometimes they get it wrong, and we have to protect the friendly aliens ourselves. There are bad ones who won’t attack us. But, let me believe that there are actual beings all across the galaxies, and universes. There are so many stories of alien abductions, and these might have happened for real. We once were considered aliens. I know most of you might be offended by me saying this, but don’t be. There could be humans from other planets, and as well as animals of the same ones from here on Earth. Most people who believe shouldn’t be judge to disbelieve about it. The topic is interesting to me, even if most of you think it’s real funny. There are most people who believe they do exists. I think they may be real. Who knows? It probably might not. Believe what you want, but let the others believe that they are real, and leave them at peace. It’s half of the people in our society that believe aliens do exists, while the others do not. Base your opinion. 

Make Peace, Not War

I think all of us should make peace with each other, and not let us change our choices. Whatever the situation is you have to let people go for the things they want to, and not by you want. Have other people changed your way of deciding your choices? No. See! What you need to do is make peace, love each other, and avoid making war with people. It’s alright to be competitive with each other, but not the hurtful way. This is the only solution for you not to do that evil laugh, because if no one sees it or do, you’ll end up paying for it. We can do anything we want to, and not by some jerks’ decisions putting venom in our minds. We are free-minded people. If we want to do good deeds to nice decent people, then let us. People who don’t enjoy life, don’t make peace with each other. We didn’t ever did mean things to jerks before we didn’t know them. Let go of those pasts. By living in peace and harmony is the best choice, because people are going to do whatever they want. This is your life spend time to get to know nice people, and let them enjoy their entertainments, sports, and careers. Let them decide for whatever team they want to go for. It’s part of the fun, and being competitive. People who make war with us are always the ones who loses at the end. Respect people who are innocent. Make peace, not war. Because the world will stay the same, but we can change ourselves for the good of mankind.

Troubled Young Celebrity Stars

When kids become famous stars they think they have it all, and nothing wrong will happen to them. We do feel sorry for these people, but we can’t do anything about their problems. It just comes with the territory. Their lives become troubled when they cause themselves problems, or problems simply come to them. However, we can’t focus on their lives, because we have our lives to live, and to care for. The life of a young celebrity sometimes is a troubling one, and it may be because the fans may have caused it, perhaps, it goes deeper than that. The one reason I can come up with is that they cause themselves problems, and when they do more problems come to them. Another side comes is when they take drugs, and prescription drugs they say they need. The problem may also lay on the family side, which their parents don’t care about them, and they mistreat them. I think the main reason is because of their fame, and most don’t know how to handle it. When they see that big amount of money in millions, and millions they go crazy. Their sanity of normalcy is no longer with them. Their fans don’t consider them normal anymore, and the troubled teen stars’ lives are changed forever for the worse. This is the sad true reality of it, and fans no longer want some of them around anymore. Some famous teen celebrities; however, change their lives in a positive way, while others pay the circumstances. It’s just the way fame is. It can raise its ugly head to most of them, and the others are just fine.