Troubled Young Celebrity Stars

When kids become famous stars they think they have it all, and nothing wrong will happen to them. We do feel sorry for these people, but we can’t do anything about their problems. It just comes with the territory. Their lives become troubled when they cause themselves problems, or problems simply come to them. However, we can’t focus on their lives, because we have our lives to live, and to care for. The life of a young celebrity sometimes is a troubling one, and it may be because the fans may have caused it, perhaps, it goes deeper than that. The one reason I can come up with is that they cause themselves problems, and when they do more problems come to them. Another side comes is when they take drugs, and prescription drugs they say they need. The problem may also lay on the family side, which their parents don’t care about them, and they mistreat them. I think the main reason is because of their fame, and most don’t know how to handle it. When they see that big amount of money in millions, and millions they go crazy. Their sanity of normalcy is no longer with them. Their fans don’t consider them normal anymore, and the troubled teen stars’ lives are changed forever for the worse. This is the sad true reality of it, and fans no longer want some of them around anymore. Some famous teen celebrities; however, change their lives in a positive way, while others pay the circumstances. It’s just the way fame is. It can raise its ugly head to most of them, and the others are just fine.