February 14, 2020

I was doing chores around my home. I was reading Gone With The Wind. It is interesting, but sad. Margaret Mitchell did a great job writing this novel. I admire her for that. It was an excellent movie as well. She had written America’s Greatest Novel. Gone Wind The Wind is a great novel.

I was exercising today. I was writing right now. I was reading Writer’s Forum magazine today. Right now I will listen to smooth jazz. Have a great weekend, everyone! Behave, or else! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

It’s Okay to be a Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators Fan

I have always been a Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators fan all the time and will continue to be. There is nothing wrong with that. But, you have to be faithful to both of those teams. I like the national titles that the Miami Hurricanes have won. I also like the national titles that the Florida Gators won. I am fine with other fans only going for the Miami Hurricanes. I am going for the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes college football teams. This is okay to do and it is okay to only be a Florida Gators fan. All this is fine. I am a Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes fan altogether. It is okay.

What Feeling Depressed Forever Can Do To You

It is better for you to forget all about the negative pasts. Most people forgot about the past and now live in the present. They are the ones who are happy. However, all of us did, or didn’t do mistakes that we regretted I think that being sad forever about it can destroy you as a person. Depression is an illness. It causes you to not think positive. You carry a negative deep cloud above you of your personality and body. Once you’re used to negative thinking, you think to yourself that you want more bad experiences in your life. You will start out mistreating people. The worse thing you can do is being a jerk and nobody likes one. Feeling depressed forever can erase all the good qualities you had and have as a person. Your good experiences fade away very rapid and the only memories you have left right now are only the negatives. You become a slave to depression. It takes all over your Holy Spirit. The good person you were one before is now gone. You are left to a deep hole of full sadness. It drains your dignity and pride. You decide that you don’t have pride anymore and want to stick with depression. The only way out of it is accept for what the future is already and than you will feel happy, optimistic and positive. You take over your life to make it positive. Remember only the good memories. If you do feel more sadness then you are already in Hell. Who put you in there? Nobody, but yourself. It is your decision to go to Heaven or Hell. The only thing that can do it is your thinking and feelings. When you’re happy is when you are in Heaven. When you hate yourself is when you’re in Hell. Think happy thoughts and start feeling good about yourself! In this way you will get out of Hell real easy. Remember that being depressed forever means that you never had a life and never lived your life. Live your life now!