June 5, 2017

I am learning a lot about writing. I am improving on doing query letters and essays. I am reading a book on how to do essays and another on how to do query letters. I am a nice person. I come friendly to anyone I meet and I don’t ever hurt people’s feelings.

I love to meet new people. I love animals. I like friendly people. Throughout these two months its been a whole about learning how to write in an online writing class. There is no confrontation between everyone I know. I am nice to my family and friends. I would show them a good time anytime I meet them somewhere, or come to my home. I am not out there for revenge. My career is to make people happy and to enjoy themselves.

Well, the Gators softball team has lost and I didn’t get mad. I don’t get mad and personal with games. I just think watching games are for fun only. Just to enjoy most friends companies to share good times.

I finished watching Bloodline. It was awesome, but didn’t like how it ended. John Rayburn got away with murder.

I think of little squirrels running around running at each other. I saw three finches fighting with each other, but they were just having fun as friends.

Well, I hope that most of you enjoy this whole week! And enjoy the weekend! Remember to not let your mind play tricks on you! I have had that before, but have learned to control it! I was just like you! Just take my advice and you’ll be fine. Be safe. No fighting with anyone! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

June 3, 2017

I am a Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes fan. I love Florida Gators softball. I love the Miami Hurricanes college football team. They should both win national championship titles. I like all of the ‘canes and gators team. I hope the best for them.

Right now I am almost finished with season 3 of Bloodline. It is so weird of how it is turning out. I love the series. It’s awesome.

I am in class this month and am doing great. I am learning a lot. I am focused in my class.

I walked outside around the neighborhood for a short walk with my dad.

I am surprised that the day is clear now. In the morning it was heavily raining. Now is a great day today.

I can’t wait till the Miami Heat start their next season. It’s my favorite team. I hope they win more NBA titles. I would love them to do so. This will probably mean perhaps they might be a dynasty one day.

I hope that all of you are doing fine. Have a great weekend, everyone! Be safe! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



A Moment of Thanking Nice People

If someone has helped you in any way of your life. You should thank them. You will feel once better when you do. If you don’t you will feel worthless and guilty that you didn’t. There are people who want to help nice people like you. I don’t think not thanking them for their efforts of saving your life will leave you all positive. Sure, it will leave you positive, but there will be some of that guilt wishing you would have done so. Mixed feelings are more the point you will feel. Give a moment of thanks to nice people who have given a chance on your life. Think about it. I know that you won’t be a loser by not doing it, but remember that blame will get ugly on you someday. Thank them. It’s the correct choice. Your life will be viewed positive, if you do!